Amazing is the word for these dogs! Yes, you read it right, these are champion dogs at the Annual Dog Surfing Championships Held on Saturday at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, California.

Many dogs came to this event and showed their surfing skills at this event.  The website describes the event as "the premier dog surfing event in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area, from the historic team that conceived & pioneered the concept of dog surfing competitions!"

We are now going to history in making folks, gather around!

As far as competition is concerned there is first, a second and third place for all categories of small, medium and large breed dogs. There were awards for tandem dog surfing, ball fetching, and dog beach fashion too. There were more than 36 dogs were in the race to become America's next dog surfer champion at this event.

Amazing Dog Surfers at the Annual Dog Surfing Championships


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