American Staffordshire Terrier For Adoption in Bangalore

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From today onwards we have started a new column in which we would be featuring pet for adoption in Bangalore. There are many closed groups on Facebook in Bangalore which post adoption posts and they being a closed group not able to reach the masses. We have taken the initiative to feature lost dogs, pet for adoption in Bangalore and would feature story of heroes of animal rescues in Bangalore. You would also be seeing stories of animals who made a miraculous recovery and doing great in life.


This post has been taken from The Cubbon Park canines group and was posted by Sanjana. If you have any issue with the content of this post then do drop us a mail to and we would be more than happy in removing this post. We can never be taken to any legal or local authority for resolution of the dispute of this. Here is what the original post says,

American Staffordshire Terrier For Adoption in Bangalore

Today is definitely someone's lucky day because this gorgeous boy is up for adoption. Kane is a one-year-old American Staffie who unfortunately needs to find a new family to call his own. Please no comments or bashing of the people who have to give him away, I've spoken to them and it's a genuine issue which they would like to keep private.

Now back to this fellow. Kane is super friendly with people and children but as far as his inherent qualities go, he doesn't like other dogs too much. We don't want to stress him out by putting him in a home with another dog so looking for a family with no dogs at the moment. As far as this breed goes, they require being engaged or else all that intelligence and energy can get channeled in a negative way.

Typical of all these big, bad looking dogs, Kane is a huge cuddle bug. He loves human company and loves cuddles so please, none of this 'security dog' nonsense. Kane goes to a home where he will be family. If you think that you can be that home for him, please contact us on and we will forward your request to the person who posted this post.

Breeders, please don't bother, Kane has chosen to be celibate by getting neutered. All other medical records are up to date.

American Staffordshire Terrier For Adoption in BangaloreAmerican Staffordshire Terrier For Adoption in Bangalore

Do you have a dog up for adoption or know someone whose dog is missing? Do you want your story or your pet's story to be featured here? Do you know someone who has devoted his life to rescuing animals and want the whole world to know? if yes, then do fill this form below and we would get back to you.


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