Best Dog Boarding Places in Bangalore: Homestay, Kennel Boarding in Bangalore

This is going to be our first post on this blog where we aim to write about top 10 lists, latest news and unbiased product reviews. We aim to cover ranking of services present in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and other metro cities. Today we are going to talk about best dog boarding places in Bangalore where you may leave your dog when you are away from Bangalore. There are times when we need to go out of city because of some official work or personal commitments and that time we need someone to take care of our pets.

We would first talk about few issues which dog owners face with dog boarding and keeping all these problems in mind we would provide you best dog boarding places in Bangalore who actually care for your dogs and make sure you enjoy a stress free holiday.

Issue with Cheap Dog boarding in Bangalore

Dog is kept in a cage with 2-3 dogs

This is the biggest problems people have witnessed when their dog was kept in a cage with other dogs. This results in a horrible time for your dog and this can make your dog sick too.

Saving few pennies results in hefty medical bills

We all want to save money, don't we? In order to save few hundreds people keep their dogs with dog kennels where they are mistreated and given horrible food. Every dog boarding promises to feed dogs twice a day with chicken and rice. Do you know what kinda chicken they are feeding to your dogs? I bet, you don't. If you happen to visit a chicken stall in Bangalore or anywhere for that matter. You may get Chicken head and legs (we are not talking about usual Chicken legs) for free and your dog eats that which is not at all good for your dog.

Dog boarding mushrooming all over Bangalore

In past few years we have seen a lot of dog boarding mushrooming all over Bangalore. People who are staying in apartments are taking dogs to make fast money and in the end your dog suffers and always remember he can't tell you what he has gone through.

Dog is treated horribly and kept in unhygienic condition

This happens to me and I am going to share my experience here. First time when I left my dog with a reputed dog boarding in Bangalore, he came back with a lot of teaks and flees. Trust me I had to spend a lot on his treatment and could see my poor dog suffering because of this.

Second time when I kept my dog with a popular homestay dog boarding, he came back terrified and was limping. When I called up the owner (who is quite popular in Bangalore and came on TV 9 few times), I was told that right from the first day he was limping which was not the case and I was asked to hang up in a very bad way.

We have compiled a list of best dog boarding in Bangalore which provide best care for your dogs and your dog will always be thankful to you. We have listed out home stay boarding and kennel dog boarding as well.

Best Dog Boarding Places in Bangalore: Homestay, Kennel Boarding in Bangalore

Best Dog Boarding Places in Bangalore: Homestay, Kennel Boarding in Bangalore

This happens to be India's first startup for dogs in Bangalore and they provide the best services. Initially when they started they provided free pick up and drop for your pet but now they have started charging for this. Apart from dog boarding they provide dog owner photography, grooming and vet services. The best feature of them is providing regular whatsapp and video updates to owners and they have done an amazing job for dogs in Bangalore.

FB page: Here


Phone: 9741793868


So this is about top 10 Best Dog Boarding Places in Bangalore which has homestay and kennel boarding place too. Do let us know if you know some other dog boarding which is doing pretty well and we would be more than happy in adding them in this list. Also do share this list with your friends and family members on social media.

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