We At SWEARONDOG run a PET BAKERY and event planning for your pooch in Bangalore. We plan birthday parties and other special events for your pet. We provide entertainment, baked goods and others refreshments for your dog’s special occasion. We have fenced play area close to 7000 square feet and your pooch will have an awesome time here.

Birthday Party of your pooch

We organize birthday party at our facility with a lot of decoration, loud music and food and beverages for your guests at our facility. Our automated software would give you birthday reminder well in advance and you may book a birthday party of your pooch with us. We also have super cool discounts on grooming and boarding during your dog's birthday month.

Splash Pool

We have a small splash pool where your dog can have a cool time. This pool contains 500 liters at a time and under the supervision of our caretaker your pooch can enjoy the water with his/ her friends. There are no restrictions on timing and any dogs from boarding or day care an enjoy this. We have intentionally got splash pool instead of swimming pool keeping the safety of your pooch in mind. The depth of this splash pool in only 21 inches which is safe for most of the medium and big sized breed.

Birthday Parties and Splash Pool
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