Dog Boarding in Koramangala, Pet Boarding Places Near Koramangala

SwearOnDog Luxury Boarding For Pets

India's first startup for dogs in Bangalore. We do not have kennel and we do not breed dogs.

Swearondog is a “HOME AWAY FROM HOME” for your pet. We are a mix of professional pet boarding and homestay so your pets are never chained and leashed.

Regardless of how much you love your dog, there will be few times when you have to leave your dog behind, be it for illness, travel or emergencies.

There is no place like home, similarly, there is no place like Swearondog boarding – our goal at Swearondog is to make your dog feel right at home. Boarding your dog at a familiar place with familiar smell will definitely make a difference in how they feel being away from family.

At Swearondog , we want to make them feel as if they are at home.

Swearondog is not a typical dog-boarding, but a luxurious hotel for your pooch where they would be provided with separate rooms, along with beds, fans and many facilities which are not present in Bangalore yet.

We have following facilities for your pooch:

  • Play area for small and big dogs
  • Dedicated software for check-in and checkout of your pooch
  • Automated reminders of birthdays and vaccinations
  • LCD display, soothing music for all dog houses
  • Dog beds for all dog rooms
  • CCTV monitoring 24*7
  • Treadmill for your pooch
  • 7000 square feet dog park
  • Snuggle time, nature walk
  • Sedan AC pick up and drop
  • Sprinklers with cooling pad in all the dog houses
  • Air cooled dog houses
  • Dry and home-made nutritious food
  • Each dog rooms with its own dog bed, bowl, cooling pads with high-speed cabin fans
  • Soft toys and other toys in all dog rooms
  • Luxury suites for small dogs with LCD display, soothing music and home like environment
  • Complimentary dog wash and grooming for dogs
  • 20 sq-ft regular dog rooms and 24 sq-ft luxurious dog suits
  • Splash pool in playing area without any restrictions.

Our style of dog-boarding is designed in such a way which will definitely emphasize on pet needs, giving them proper care, play time, exercise, behavioral choices, and most importantly the absence of stress. We send videos and images of your dog while you are on your vacation on your request. We will soon have IP cameras (waiting for broadband as we already have CCTV) so you may log in and see your dog yourself from your mobile over the internet.

Dogs do not like solitary confinement, but they love to spend time with other dogs and people. In Swearondog we properly take care of dog’s socialization and help them to enjoy the homely atmosphere.

Our experienced staffs put them in different rooms according to their size and nature.

Swearondog treats your canine family member as your kid and does everything to make your kid’s stay wonderful. Most importantly, we do not have any hidden fees.

First Boarding in Bangalore to have dedicated software for boarding facility

We have dedicated software for check-ins and check-outs of your pooch.  This software will give you the reminder of vaccinations and birthdays of your dog to your mobile phone. We have a completely automated process for swift operation of check-ins and check-outs of your pooch with their liking, disliking, allergies and all relevant details which can be passed on to the caretaker while your dog is our privileged guests.

Well trained and certified caretakers

Our caretakers are certified in canine behavior and know their job well. You can one one on one session with them whenever you drop into our facility for free of cost.

Do call us on 8584 820 846 or 9741 793 868 or drop us a mail to

Boarding Suites for small and big dogs

Our boarding has luxury suites for small dogs with state of art facilities with LCD display, soothing music, home-like environment, super cool rooms, privacy in their rooms without any common walls, enough sleep time with whole day socialization activities and scrumptious meal so they enjoy their stay with us.

Dog's Health and safety

we have recently got a treadmill for your pooch so they can exercise indoors and enjoy their stay to the core. We have on call vets who are just a call away and our hygienic facility will keep your dog away from infections. While constructing our facility we have mixed anti teak and fleas chemicals in construction material so your dogs are always safe from teak and fleas here.

The size of rooms is way more than standard size instructed by RSPCA guidelines. We strictly follow RSPCA guidelines as an internal code of conduct to improvise our quality and services with each passing day. You may find the RSPCA guidelines here.

Dog Boarding in Koramangala, Pet Boarding Places Near Koramangala
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