Dog Cakes in Bangalore, Birthday Cakes For Dogs in Bengaluru

Dog Cakes in Bangalore, Birthday Cakes For Dogs in Bengaluru, Dog BakeryWith best in class boarding services in Bangalore, we now have an in-house dog bakery completely functional for your fur babies. For all of us, our birthday is the most special day for us and same goes for our pooches as well. on their day you would not want to treat them with normal cakes which are not at all recommended for dogs. Do you not believe us? Do have a look what Quora has to say about feeding human cakes to dogs below,

Why Feeding Human Cakes is Bad For Dogs


Sugar is not good for dogs. The repercussions of dogs not eating cake are the same as the repercussions of humans not eating cake: better health. Under no circumstances should dogs ever eat chocolate. It is deadly to them.

The repercussions can be anything from vomiting and diarrhea to pancreatitis —- if you give your dog a small piece of cake on a rare occasion it will most likely be fine but I wouldn’t recommend it.

This is why we made dog caked especially for your pooches from our bakery here at SwearOnDog. Our dog cakes come with a wide range of varieties and your pooch would love to have it. These dog cakes are sugar-free, made with fresh ingredients only on prior order and delivered right to your door step. If you want to celebrate your dog's birthday then you may always come to our facility and celebrate with our complimentary cake.

Dog Bakery in Bangalore

First time in Bangalore where you have a place dedicated for your pooches. We make cakes, treats, fresh food and bread for your dog which is absolutely safe and healthy for your fur babies. We are pretty sure that you must be aware of the fact that dry food is not at all good for your dogs. If you have not seen our article on that then you must see this, Fresh Homemade food for dogs in Bangalore

Here you will see how dry food is made and why it is not good for your fur babies. In our dog bakery, we prepare birthday cakes for your dogs and a lot of sumptuous treats which is safe for your dogs to have. You may buy these treats from us on a monthly basis and make your pooches happy.

FAQ's for Dog Cakes in Bangalore

Question: How soon I would need to inform you guys for preparing dog cakes in Bangalore?

Answer: at least 2 days in advance.

Question: Do you guys take the advance and then start preparing the cake?

Answer: Yes, we do take 100% advance either online or Paytm and then start preparing cakes for your pooches.

Question: Do you guys have home delivery services and is it charged extra?

Answer: Yes, we do have home delivery services and it is charged on the basis of kilometers from our facility.

Question: Can I come and celebrate my pet's birthday in your facility?

Answer: You are most welcome to do that!

Menu of our Dog Bakery

Dog Cakes in Bangalore, Birthday Cakes For Dogs in Bengaluru, Dog Bakery

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