Dog Day Care in Bangalore, Pet Day Care With Pick up and Drop

Is your pooch stressed out from being left at home alone all the day? Maybe bored enough to eat your favorite shoe, legs of the dining table? May be aggressive enough to tear your favorite trouser or sofa’s cover?

No need of worrying anymore- Swearondog’s Day Care, is a premier dog daycare service, which gives your pooch exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization with both dogs and people.

They can get some fresh air and have fun in our large outdoor play yards.


We do everything to provide your environment pooch a fun and safe environment for day care. You can see your dog playing in our daycare all day with their BFFs with the help of our Ip Cameras.

In Swearondog, dogs get to do what they do best- love life conditionally. We ensure to provide stress-free, hygienic, fun loving environment for your pooch and make sure they have a great time at our day care facility. All our privileged guests are given an option of having customized play time and food as per their owner's instructions.

First Boarding in Bangalore to have dedicated software for boarding facility

We have dedicated software for check-ins and checkouts of your pooch.  This software will give you the reminder of vaccinations and birthdays of your dog to your mobile phone. We have a complete automated process for swift operation of check-ins and checkouts of your pooch with their liking, disliking, allergies and all relevant details which can be passed on to the caretaker while your dog is our privileged guests. Do have a look at our state of the art facilities at our facility.

  • Play area for small and big dogs
  • Dedicated software for check-in and checkout of your pooch
  • Automated reminders of birthdays and vaccinations
  • LCD display, soothing music for all dog houses
  • Dog beds for all dog rooms
  • CCTV monitoring 24*7
  • 7000 square feet dog park
  • Snuggle time, nature walk
  • Sedan AC pick up and drop
  • Sprinklers with cooling pad in all the dog houses
  • Air cooled dog houses
  • Dry and home-made nutritious food
  • Each dog rooms with its own dog bed, bowl, cooling pads with high speed cabin fans
  • Soft toys and other toys in all dog rooms
  • Luxury suits for small dogs with LCD display, soothing music and home like environment
  • Complimentary dog wash and grooming for dogs
  • 25 sq-ft regular dog rooms and 30 sq-ft luxurious dog suits
  • Splash pool in playing area without any restrictions.

Well trained and certified caretakers

Our caretakers are certified in canine behavior and know their job well. You can one one on one session with them whenever you drop into our facility for free of cost.

Dog Day Care in Bangalore, Pet Day Care With Pick up and Drop
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