Dog Therapy in Bangalore

Swearondog motivates individuals to improve their physical and psychological health and emphasizes on developing the human-dog bond.

Swearondog has initiated dog therapy mainly to strengthen human-dog bonding ,which encourages indivisuals to overcome personal challenges.

The therapeutic power of pets is well documented which can help to get rid of anxiety or depression or simply brighten your day.


  1. Dog therapy involves interacting with dogs to sweep away several health issues caused due to depression, anxiety etc.
  2. Dog therapy can cause your brain to release chemicals which create feelings of well being.

This  idea of using animals in a therapeutic way goes back centuries. Historical accounts include to improve morale, engage the attention of the elderly and help people with disabilities to improve their skills.


  • Increasing willingness to join in activities.
  • Improving interactions with others.
  • Increasing self esteem.
  • Motivating willingness to exercise.
  • Improving independent movement.
  • Increasing verbal communication.
  • Developing social skills.
  • Reducing anxiety because of its calming effects.
  • Reducing boredom.
  • Making you happier, lessing depression and improving your outlook on life.