After a scorching heat in summers, the monsoon is the perfect time for your pooch when they can have a lot of happy time with you and other pooches around. While you feel your pooch is having a gala time your pet may end up with a lot of infections and disease during this time. During monsoon, you would need to take extra care of your furry baby and make sure they enjoy the rain to the maximum without getting infected by any major disease. Today we have got you all pro tips on taking care of your dogs during monsoon and you would find all the Tips to Keep Dogs Healthy in Rainy Season,

Tips to Keep Dogs Healthy in Rainy Season

Keep Your Dog Dry & Clean

You would need to make sure your dog is dry and always clean during monsoon. Do not wash your dog frequently and whenever you wash them, dry them with dryer and blower. Apply anti-fungal powder on your dog frequently and whenever you see any redness of skin or itchiness consult a vet immediately.

Clean Ear Frequently

Dog's ear is one place where moisture accumulates and it results in the ear infection. Make sure to clean their ear on a frequent basis. You may use cleaning buds or take them to a groomer or vet for this.

Make their Diet As Natural as Possible

If you are feeding kibbles to your dog then now it is time to stop that and move over to a lot of fibrous fruits and vegetables. This is the time when because of rains your dogs do not get to go out hence fruits and vegetables would help them in digesting food in less time.

Deworm Your Dog Without Fail

Do not miss your dog's deworming dates during this season. This will help them in combating disease caused by worms. Also, make sure to vaccinate your dog before this season.

Make a Comfortable Place For Your Dog

Make a comfortable place for your dog where your dog can relax and release his stress during rains and thundering. Make his dog bed filled with warm clothes where he can sit and relax without any stress.

Use anti fungal Shampoo and Powder

Use anti fungal Shampoo and Powder to make sure there is no tick on your dog's body. Do not give any medicine to your dog without consulting your vet.

So this is how you may take care of your dog in monsoon season and see your dog enjoying this rainy season.

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