Pet Cabs in Bangalore, Dog cabs, Cat cabs in Bangalore

Because your pet deserves the best

Pet Cabs in Bangalore, Pet Limousins in Bangalore

Only for in-house pets and customers who are availing or have availed our boarding services in past.

Transporting your pets from one place to another is no wonder a hectic job. In response, Swearondog has introduced pet cab services. We provide pick up and drop services of your pet to Veterinary hospitals, Airport arrivals, Markets, Groomers, Dog daily care etc. We have a Swift Dzire and make sure your pet has enough space and comfort of air condition and comfortable dog time in the car. Our drivers make sure that your pet gets an amazing experience while they are with us. The car is stopped at a regular interval and if required he would wait while your pooch goes for a small walk with you.

About our services

The pet cab service of Swearondog is divided into three categories;


·       When you want to take your pooch out with you, but your car’s seat isn’t fine for your dog.


·       To drop your dog safe to the veterinary hospital.


·       When you want to take your dog to Airport arrivals.



·       When your dog is facing breathing trouble, experiencing a trauma or bleeding profusely or any other critical situations

·       To carry your dog to the cemetery.


Our experienced staffs ensure to give special care to your pet, while on the road, our attentive drivers stop frequently to walk, feed, water and tend to each animal needs one at a time.

We provide your pet a COMPLETE STRESS-FREE ENVIRONMENT. Why should you hire us? We are giving you few reasons for that below,

Reason # 1: No other pet cab service in Bangalore has AC sedans for pet transportation.

Reason # 2: The back seat of our Swift Dzire car only for your pet hence have named it a mini pet limousine (just the name). Come and experience the space and comfort of our cars made especially for your pet. You may see the image in our gallery. We would have made our cars a limousine but it's not legal in India and you may see it here.

Reason # 3: We are the cheapest pet cabs provider in Bangalore. Need not say anything further on this!!

Reason # 4: We do not charge for rescue and emergencies for street dogs, provided our cabs are available at that point of time and near to the emergency spot.

Reason # 5: You also get a dedicated front seat for yourself in our car. We always drive with your pooch while you are on board. If you do not want to come then we make sure someone is there in the front seat.

Reason # 6: We have 24*7*365 dedicated helpline annd our drivers including the owners are are fluent in English and Hindi.

Reason # 6: Our cars are equipped with GPS and we provide customized service for our clients as per their instructions.

Rates of our pet Limousins (Swift Dzire)

LOCAL 0-10 Kms 10-20 Kms 20-30 Kms > 30 Kms Waiting Fee Chargeable
Amount in Rs’ 250.00 500.00 750.00 Rs 25 per km 100/hr. One way
AIRPORT 0-50Kms > 50 Kms Toll Waiting Fee Chargeable
Amount in Rs’ 2000.00 25 Per Km Nil 100/hr. One way
CEMETERY 0-50Kms > 50 Kms Toll Waiting Fee Chargeable
Amount in Rs’ 2000.00 25 Per Km Nil 100/hr. One way
RAILWAY STATION 0-25Kms > 25 Kms Toll Waiting Fee Chargeable
Amount in Rs’ 750.00 25 Per Km Nil 100/hr. One way
OUTSTATION AC Non AC Toll Driver Bata Chargeable
Amount in Rs’ 15.00 14.00 Yes 600/day Both ways

Do contact us now and we can always offer you  lot of discounts.

Pet Cabs in Bangalore, Dog cabs, Cat cabs in Bangalore
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