Puppy Boarding in Bangalore: Intensive Puppy Care Boarding in Bangalore

Puppy Boarding in Bangalore: Intensive Puppy Care Boarding in BangaloreFirst time in Bangalore where you get intensive care for your furry babies with 24 hours supervision and care.

SwearOnDog.in is the best dog boarding in Bangalore and adding to this streak we have launched intensive puppy care boarding for your littles ones. Here at SwearOnDog we take only 3 furry babies at max and make sure the caretaker ratio is 1:1.

Here are the reasons that why we are the best place for your furry babies

We specialize in puppy care and as of now have hosted more than 15 furry babies at our facility.

We don't wait for your furry babies to recover from separation anxiety and eat what we give. We feed them what they like eating when you are with them at home and at the same time make sure food is sumptuous and nutritious for your furry babies.

We socialize your furry babies with ONLY other furry babies at our facility and make sure it is done under our supervision to avoid any fights and accidents.

Puppies are fed 4-5 times a day depending on their age and nutritional requirements. We make sure each puppy is taken for a small walk in order to make them potty trained.

We try to train your furry babies to perform tasks like sit, a hand shake and everything which your furry babies may learn during their stay with us. To make it simple, this is completely free of cost.

The place where furry babies stay is equipped with LCD display, air cooler, fans, mosquito repellant, emergency lights to make sure they are having an awesome time while you enjoy your holidays.

The complete facility is equipped with CCTVs and whenever you miss your furry babies you are just a WhatsApp video call away. You would either give us a call or send a message on WhatsApp to see what your puppy is doing with us.

The place where furry babies stay is tick and flea free with no noise from outside. We guarantee you that there would not be even a single tick on your puppy when they check out from our facility.

Images and videos are sent to the owners at a regular interval on WhatsApp and any other preferred medium.

We provide both dry and natural home made food which is nutritious and cooked in a way which could easily be digested by your furry babies.

Got enough reasons to give your furry babies an awesome time with us? Do get in touch with us at either 97417 93868 or 98869 85865.

Happy Boarding!!